It has been a fun journey creating and evolving my own brand. I knew that when I started with my own brand, I wanted to incorporate my own name, but not my first and last name, because I wanted to get married some day. I wanted my brand to stand firm and I didn’t want to have to rebrand myself down the road. When I was growing up my Grandma would always call me Casey Lyn. So I decided on CASEYLYNdesign.

I wanted my brand to represent me and have a personable feel to it. When I first designed it, I was just starting off my college career into design. So I created it after a simple signature of my initials. It then grew to just the C with some fun swirls leaves added to it for my final portfolio in college. Then it evolved to the more full and strong design with the full ornament added to the C after I had graduated college. I am very happy with the final outcome of the design for now. Who knows, it may change later on down the road.


My brand should represent me as a person, as well as highlight my abilities as a designer. I choose to be playful, but bold & strong. I want to show a little bit of me, giving my brand a personable feel, while keeping it professional.

Stark contrast has always caught my eye. Pushing things to the edge of almost ‘too much’ is a constant motivator for me. The steadfast theme behind my brand, has always been “Bold Contrast”.

I like to be simple yet stand strong. I enjoy dancing on the line of playful & professional. Be a little edgy, show a playful aspect, all while keeping a strong professional look & feel. Stop & smell the flowers, take a break from the chaos. Breathe. Stay creative & always continue to learn & grow.

I believe there is always room to grow. Everyone can find their own identity once they start to take risks and get out of their comfort zone. Stand out. Use criticism to flourish, bloom & be vigorous. Make yourself uncomfortable, push yourself a little harder.

When you make yourself uncomfortable, that’s when you start to learn the most about yourself. You begin to trust your own heart & learn from your mistakes. Once I started to figure this out, I started to trust myself. Lean into the discomfort. Trust my gut & go bold.