Bohemian Baby Shower Invitations

I am going to be an AUNTIE! I am SO excited!  So, of course, I held the baby shower for my brother’s sweet girlfriend! Vickie wasn’t sure about colors or theme, so when I sat down and thought about it, a Bohemian Themed Baby Shower was absolutely perfect! She is a very sweet, laid-back, free spirit, so “Wild and Free” just fit perfectly. I think it is so incredibly fitting for her and this sweet baby girl on the way! And who doesn’t just love arrows and feathers?

My obsession with arrows started for my sons first birthday party. So thinking about all the things for this theme, my designer self went nuts! I started with designing these beautiful Boho Themed Invitations with all things feathers and arrows, then wrapped it up in a perfect mint colored envelope! The colors theme was White, Grey and Teal-ish. All of my favorite colors!

The only problem was I couldnt find the font I was looking for. I could by a new one, but decided against that. I decided on picking a font very close to what I was looking for and then altered it. (Becuase Why Not?!) I wanted just a bit more than what the font offered, so I added the dots and other accents to fit my theme perfectly! Unfortunately, I was slightly ill-prepared with the amount of time the printer took with the proof and getting the final invitations in-hand, BUT it all worked out, and they got out just in the nick of time! At least I will have a better timeline for the future going through this experience!

Overall, I am beyond thrilled with the design of these adorable invitations. Designed and printed front and back.